23. Oktober 2018

Städtebau Kolloquium Stuttgart - Silvia Benedito

Making weather “explicit”- Design principles towards behavioral-centric environments
Silvia Benedito, OFICINAA, Ingolstadt / Cambrige MA // Harvard University

23. Oktober 2018 18:00 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr

The tempering of environments for human comfort and delight is an enduring enterprise in design. While the relation between the built environment, atmosphere and weather may seem apparent, it has only rarely been acknowledged or formalized. In the context of increased environmental awareness, this lecture examines varied techniques and scales in which atmosphere and weather are brought to the fore in design. A series of historical references and design projects from the firm OFICINAA will be presented and discussed.


Als Fortbildung anerkannt.

Universität Stuttgart - Städtebau-Institut
Keplerstr. 11, K1 - 1. OG, Raum 1.08

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